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We are now entering Spring and there are certain jobs that are a must for the pond/pool and Koi keeper. Hopefully you will have been checking your fish periodically over the winter months even if they haven’t been feeding. First things first, inspect all aspects of the filtration set up, including filter media, pumps, heaters and UV systems including the quartz, O-rings and tubes. Check for any winter frost damage in pipework, valves and joints/fittings that may need repairing. Now some pond maintenance, tackle any old blanket weed and debris, there should be no need to disturb your fish too much until the weather gets a little warmer.

Here at ERK Ltd we have the perfect solutions to your pond and swimming/dip pool construction and requirements. Browse our pages for, pond and swimming pool filtration, filtration media, heaters, UV systems, air pumps, P2 Superseal for decking and surrounds, pond coatings and good quality fish foods. Check out our Aqua Star water system and dechlorinating units. Thinking of constructing a pond or revamping an older pond? then head to our Beginners Corner for friendly hints, tips and much, much more.

Air is probably the most  singular important item that you introduce into any pond system

Yes! this amazing Super Seal is completely 100% Non-Toxic fish and animal friendly, it’s even safe for the kids too - and that really is the truth!

The Certikin Quick Change Underwater Light is a revolution in under water light design and features numerous benefits for the pool builder and customer alike

The Argonaut Pump (previously manufactured by ITT HydroAir and ITT Marlow) is probably one of the oldest established and respected names in the Pump Industry in the UK and the rest of the World

PVC Pressure Pipe is the best for laying under ground – when in a pond/pool situation from a bottom drain being installed where there is considerable weight being applied

Imagine being able to to seal any leak without having to drain the pond – or even Olympic sized swimming pool...and the real bonus it is completely safe for fish or any other pond life...

P1 Pond Coating is a multi-tasking twin pack water-based epoxy resin coating designed for the safe and easy application in the Marine and Aquatic industry.


To keep your UV Unit working efficiently its good practice to change the tube yearly, also checking the quartz sleeve, O rings and end caps for any debris or damage.

Dai Suki Goi foods have been specially formulated to improve those qualities in all ornamental fish that mean so much to pond keepers the world over

Psealit P3 Water Stop

Psealit P3 expands during the hardening process to form a water tight seal with similar characteristics of concrete.

Psealit P5 Putty

Psealit P5 Pond Putty is a highly versatile product which can be used by both the pond builder and enthusiast. 

Psealit P8 Magic Render

Psealit P8 is a  revolutionary way to finish your pond and surrounding area. This two pack rendering compound contains a mixture of Polymers, Aggregates and additives.