Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long in practice will the Scarecrow operate before needing a new battery?
A: Results vary from a few weeks to a year depending upon how often people, pets or the wind trigger your unit. The average seems to be between four and six months.

Q: How much water pressure is needed?
A: 30 to 80 P.S.I.

Q: What might cause my unit to act erratically when I am setting up?
A: Onboard computerized sensitivity dampening kicks in after the unit has been ON for 5 minutes.
Turn your unit off for 2 seconds to 'reset'.
During 'set up' you may wish to 'reset' every 5 minutes to avoid this 'erratic' behaviour.

Q: How does the Sensitivity and Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment circuit work?
A: When a new battery is installed or if the sensitivity knob is adjusted, the sensitivity of the Scarecrow is set according to the numbers shown on the knob.
This value of sensitivity will persist for 1 hour (unless the knob is adjusted which restarts the 1 hour timer). After this hour is up, any 4 targets/activations in a 5 minute period will turn the sensitivity down one half level.
Note that this could happen as fast as every 40 seconds if the triggers are immediate, one after another. This process continues until less than 4 targets in any 5 minute period detected.
Note that the unit will never go to sensitivity = 0 which is OFF.
If the sensitivity has been turned down automatically, every 15 minutes the code will check to see if there have been any targets in the last 5 minutes. If there were any, the gain is left at its current level. If there were none, the gain is adjusted up one level.
If a target occurs within 4.5 seconds of an automatic turn up, the sensitivity is immediately turned down (and the solenoid will not fire). If the sensitivity knob is adjusted at any time, the sensitivity will be reset to the new knob setting and the one hour fixed sensitivity period starts again.

Q: What causes my Scarecrow to trigger when there is no animal or person present?
A: Wind usually. Branches, flowers or leaves can move and be 'seen'. The Scarecrow itself can also move in light wind.
Moving water is also a cause of triggers. Avoid pointing the Scarecrow waterfalls.
See Troubleshooting for more on this.

Q: Why is my unit 'spitting' instead of spraying in 3 second bursts?
A: This is the low battery indicator. Change the battery. If the problem persists even with a new battery, you may have dirt in your valve. Please read the Troubleshooting guide for instructions on back flushing your Scarecrow. If this doesn't solve the problem, you may have high water pressure in your area.

Q: Does it really work?
A: Yes. See here for statistics.

Q: Does the Scarecrow come pre-assembled?
A: No. Simple hand-tightening of the 3 components shown is all that is required. The yellow beak/eyes are shipped on a decal sheet separately and must be applied by the user.

Q: How long is the Warranty?
A: 24 months

Q: How many batteries are required?
A:One 9 volt battery.

Q: How many times will the Scarecrow 'Fire' from its battery?
A: Approximately 3000 times.

Q: Does it work both day and night?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it have a Sensitivity adjustment?
A: Yes.

Q: Where's the best place to position my Scarecrow?
A: At a spot where entering animals can be 'seen' and where you can approach it from behind.

Q: Can the Scarecrow be used in the winter?
A: No. Bring it in when there is risk of freezing.

Q: How many Scarecrows should I use to protect my valuable Koi?
A: We recommend two, positioned 90 degrees apart to create a 'cross-fire' over each 1000 square feet of pond.
Important note: If you have persistent and very hungry animals or birds, fence in your Koi. We cannot accept responsibility for losses.

Q: What type of hose should be used with the Scarecrow?
A: Use the highest quality consumer hoses. Cheap hoses will break eventually.

Q: How can I reduce the risk of flooding my back yard if I'm leaving a pressurized hose on all the time?
A: Don't leave the tap open all the way. Experiment with leaving open 1/4 or or 1/2 turn. The longer and more pliable your hose, the less open your tap needs to be as the hose will act as a pressure reservoir for the 2-3 cups needed.

Q: I'm not sure I like the 'garish' look of the Scarecrow. Can I get it plain black?
A: Yes. It comes that way by default. Applying the decals for the beak and eyes is optional at your discretion.

Q: Can I hook it up to my in-ground irrigation system?
A: No. The Scarecrow needs line pressure at all times. An irrigation system pipeline only pressurizes when the system is sprinkling your lawn.

Q: Can I replace the plastic sprinkler with a higher quality brass sprinkler?
A: Yes and No. Technically it's no problem. However, in practice the high quality impact sprinklers tend to move more SLOWLY and SILENTLY.
This make brass sprinklers less effective at doing the job of scaring animals.

Q: Overall height?
A: 24inches.

Q: What's the Optional Mounting Bracket for?
A: For installing up off the ground, ie: on post, building, tree etc., or on a board for ground level use.(note hand tools required)