Eheim / Jager

Eheim / Jager

Eheim Heater (German Technology)
Ideal for:
Quarantine Tanks / Hospital Tanks / Fry Tanks
The best way to treat any health problems with fish, rearing baby fry or isolating new fish before introduction into a pond system is in a home Quarantine Facility. Although we sell vats and tanks suitable for this purpose if your problem is not planned for you may need a fast solution and a temporary system is an ideal one, although it can end up being a permanent installation very quickly!

  • Without heating the isolation facility, almost all treatments are rarely effective under a temperature of 12.5C. It is always a good policy to be prepared but heating and aeration is always essential. 
    Combine this with a quick filter boost product such as EA Aquarium or Pure Pond Balls (depending on gallons/litres in your tank or quarantine system filter) at the same time with a heater you can really push along any treatment protocol.
    If you are treating your Koi with salt these Eheim heaters are suitable for low saline and also marine use
    We at East Riding Koi stock these superb fully submersible quality heaters for the Koi or Aquarium enthusiast and our range are available in three sizes.
    We know we are sure to have one to suit your own individual requirements:
    Thermo-safety control (auto shut-off)
    Made from special stable glass
    Precise temperature regulation
    Fully submersible (water proof)
    on/off indicator light
    Extra long cable of 170cm
    Suitable for salt water applications
    Quality and safety assured as made in Germany
    Models Available ex stock:
  • 200w – suitable for 300 – 400 litres – dimensions 36mm
  • 250w – suitable for 400 – 600 litres – dimensions 36mm
  • 300w – suitable for 600 – 1000 litres  dimensions 36mm

Eheim / Jager HeaterStat 200w

Eheim / Jager
HeaterStat 200w

Eheim / Jager HeaterStat 250w

Eheim / Jager
HeaterStat 250w

Eheim / Jager HeaterStat 300w

Eheim / Jager
HeaterStat 300w