Cloverleaf Genesis

This range is renowned for their compactness and flexible arrangement and also for the ease of installation .. and not least of all because these systems will fit into the smallest area available.
The “Genesis” range of multi bay in-line filtration systems are available in 3 sizes,
2500, 3500 and 4500 and whilst generally emulating the design concept and standards of the “CL” range they are better suited to the mixed ornamental pond, or the small Koi pond where high fish loads are not present.
The range offers very good value for money, with combined vortex action filtration, all units come with slatted wooden lids.
The Genesis with its neat design and low height is hardly ever obtrusive in any garden setting. Filtration mediums are the same as the “CL” range, with only genuine Japanese matting being used where applicable.
Yet again the system can be installed in tandem, or in addition can make a super secondary system when connected to a skimmer unit. The well engineered “Genesis” range is second to none. Indeed when and if any of the “Genesis” range is coupled to a Cloverleaf Fluidised Bed, then the end result offers a powerful punch for the discerning pond keeper.

The initial chamber on each of the filters in the Genesis range is a Vortex Chamber which spins off the waste products and other debris as it enters the vortex, which then settles to the bottom of the cone where it can be flushed to waste.
The remainder of the chambers come complete with their own filtration media to provide a good biological balance to your filtration system, which of course is the most important part of any pond.

'Cloverleaf Genesis' 2500

2500 - 2 Unit System - Suit ponds 1000 gallons

'Cloverleaf Genesis' 3500

3500 - 3 Unit System - Suit ponds 1500 gallons

'Cloverleaf Genesis' 4500

4500 - 4 Unit System - Suit ponds 2000 gallons