An Introduction to The 'HIDROCLEAN'
Hidroclean Cartridge Filter
It's something completely different ..

These when, fitted in line, on your return pipework - act like a small compact 'Sand Pressure Filter'.... they remove all of those finer particles of dirt that your conventional Filter System fails to remove - making sure that the water returning into your pond is pure and clean making your pond water the cleanest it has ever been ...
The HIDRCLEAN cartridge filter is reasonably easy to install - we installed one on our own system in just over 1 hour and the system was back up and running...
It does not take an enormously powerful pump to run one of these units .. in fact the pond we installed it on is a 2,500 gallon pond fitted with a TMC 55 watt UV and an Elecro 3 kw heater ... all powered with just a single OASE Aquamax 15,000 and even though we still do not have to open the controlling Ball Valve fully...  this Hidroten Cartridge Filter is working well on the system ...

You can buy one of these in complete confidence knowing that it will ensure that your water is 'Super Clean' ....

The HIDROCLEAN is easy to maintain .. the unit has a removable lid which is firmly secured in place by an extremely strong locking ring .. this ring when removed allows the top to be completely removed giving access to the cartridge itself which can then be lifted out for cleaning .. and you can even use a hosepipe to do this job, but if you do have a pressure washer then it becomes even easier .. and so simply that any child could do it once shown how it should be done ... There is nothing complicated about this 'Superb' - but controversially different filter ...
We firmly endorse the use of this type of way of 'cleaning and polishing' your water before it's return to the pond.

This Hidroclean in the photograph on the left is actually fitted to one of our own systems - our 8,600 gallon indoor heated tank, which of course always has a stock of large Koi in that tank which, like all Koi do tend to make a mess which we have to clean up after them.
Without doubt these Hidroclean Cartridge filters do make our life that little bit easier, which of course is essential and very important when we have 9 filtration systems to service regularly, customers to see, orders to get out, orders to get in, do all the book keeping, update the web site, and try to find a little time to eat and sleep!
It was fitted on (20/08/00) and took approximately 1 hour to fit and you can see how easy it is to connect .. and it has been working superbly ever since and I have no hesitation at all in recommending these Hidroclean Filters.
What we have discovered during this time since it was fitted, is the value of having a spare Cartridge, and then on those very busy days, all that is required is to take the dirty cartridge out and pop in the spare clean one ...

So this is something that you may like to consider if you are considering buying one of these superb Hidroclean filters, or indeed if you do already have one fitted ... 
A Stand is required on which to mount the Hidroclean to support the weight, and also is ideal to help with the installation as the outlet pipe from the Hidroclean is at the bottom of the unit and the specially designed stand has the outlet provision and also has the Internally Threaded White ABS 2" Union as part of the stand and this simply screws onto the base threads of the Hidroclean and then the connection pipework can be attached to the outlet on the stand and continue on its return journey taking water back to the pond.
Also required is another 2" White ABS Internally Threaded Union for the inlet connection to the Hidroclean, which as you can see is set into the body of the unit on the side of the Hidroclean and if you are using 1.5" pipework then a reducing bush, again in the same white ABS is also needed.
We can of course supply all the 'bits and pieces' that you will need to help you complete the installation of your Hidroclean with ease.

Standard Hidroclean Filter

Hidroclean Filter Unit

includes one cartridge

Additional spare filter cartridge

Spare filter cartridge

for above Hidroclean

Hidroclean Stand

Stand Unit in White ABS