Glass Filter Media

 Certikin Glass Filter Media is the environmentally friendly filter media and a viable alternative to sand; made from recycled glass in the UK, it does not involve intrusive mining and the use of scarce resources.

 Key Benefits:

  • It is more efficient. It can remove up to 30% more materials than sand, so saving on backwashing and the resultant water, energy and chemical treatment costs.
  • It requires less material. It’s less dense than sand, requiring 15% less media to fill the equivalent filter
  • It doesn’t degrade. It therefor has a longer life span
  • It is suitable for both commercial and residential filters with laterals or nozzle plates
  • Easy to back-flush, approx. 50% less water is wasted in cleaning.

  • Glass Filter Media is much easier to keep clean than sand, and if you keep the media clean, it should never need to be changed, or at least the service cycle will be greatly increased over sand.

  • It is available in three grades of media Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade. All grades are milled down to remove sharp points and packed in 25kg bags

Certikin Glass Filter Media - Grade 1

Certikin Glass Filter Media

Grade 1 equivalent to 16/30 grde sand

Certikin Glass Filter Media

Certikin Glass Filter Media

Grade 2 equivalent to 8/16 grade sand