Lacron Sand Filters

These Sand Pressure Filters are extremely versatile and is suitable for even the smallest pond - but having said that we actually used one of these Pressure Filters on our Surface Skimmers in our own 24,000 gallon outside pond.
Manufactured in GRP (Fibre Glass) is extremely strong and the whole body of the Filter has a built in 'Platform' where the Pump (ITT Marlow or similar recommended) bolts down to prevent movement or shift.
Multiport valves are now included with the 16"/18"/20"/24"and 30" sand filters and can be purchased for the larger models....

Please Note the Sand Filters are not supplied with sand...

Mutli-port valves allow easy back-washing and rinsing of a pressurised sand filter and although a filter can be operated without them, they are generally considered an essential accessory.

On the right you will see the Multi-Port Valve in closer detail, the correct position for each function is clearly shown on the outer dial .. simple to understand and simple to use ...




Lacron Sand Filter complete with multiport valve

Lacron Sand Filter

complete with multiport valve

16" / 18" / 20" / 24"

30" Lacron Sand Filter complete with multiport valve

30" Lacron Sand Filter

complete with multiport valve

Larger Lacron Units

Lacron Lid Opening Tool 8"

Lacron Spares

Spares For Sand Pressure Filters:
Although we don't have many enquiries about spare parts for the Sand Pressure Filters - we are asked occasionally for the spare Laterals, these are part of the water distribution inlet, and this is sometimes referred to as the 'Spider'
But we can enquire on your behalf if you should have a specific part that you need to replace and are having difficulty in locating that spare part - so please email and we will do our very best to try to help.