Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter
Compact and Versatile Filtration Compact and versatile, our Cartridge Filters are designed to give years of trouble-free service. The Cartridge Filter utilises a specially treated polyester fabric, which is pleated into a cartridge. Ideal for ponds/ pools where backwashing may not be practical, cleaning simply involves dismantling and hosing the down the cartridge..
Features include:
One piece molded high impact polypropylene construction
Automatic air bleed
Industrial strength filter fabric
Self-centering cartridge mount

Probably not a totally new concept .. but one that applies very nicely with the Koi Keepers alike, all over the world ..  easy to fit easy to use .. and most importantly, easy to clean ..  These cartridge filters are ideal for that final fine particle removal and for polishing the water prior to its return to the pond system ....
Ideal for use in conjunction with a surface skimmers ..or main filters ...
Why not have a spare cartridge at the same time ..  making the simplicity of changing the cartridge even easier and then you can hose down the dirty cartridge at your leisure ..

50cm Cartridge Filter (water polisher)

Cartridge Filter
(water polisher)