Revolutionary PATENTED design offering unrivalled reliability, efficiency & enhanced performance.
Unlike conventional bubble bead filters the Elecro Powerbead is equipped with a side mount closed circuit floating impellor agitation pump and twin discharge chamber jets.
Features Include:
  • Large (18" diameter) bead chamber - ensuring low velocity solids removal.
  • Lower chamber drain and ball valve minimises flush out water loss.
  • Purpose design top mount 6-Way multi-port valve.


The Ultimate Bead Filtration System

What Size Pond Is the Powerbead Suitable for?


Heavy Stock

Light Stock

Bead Quantity

Indicative Flow Rate

Filter Dimensions


13,600-litres / 3000 UK Gallons

22,700-litres / 5000 UK Gallons


6000 - 10,000-litres per hour

Ø 47 x 98cm



1 Purpose Built Top Mount 6-Way Multi-Port Valve
2 Neck clamp
3 Sealing Ring
4 Large 18" Diameter Bead Chamber
5 High Quality Durable Base
6 Patented Ball Diffuser
7 Twin Discharge Jets
8 High Velocity Agitation Pump With Floating Impellor
9 Secondary Bottom Drain
10 Waste Drain Located At The Lowest Possible Part Of The Filter Body


Exploded View of Parts of the Powerbead

Beads Filter Media 20Kg

Beads Filter Media