Compact Sieve

Compact Sieve

This Compact Sieve is ideal for the smaller ponds - great for ponds of up to 4,000 gallons ! and at a price most can afford ..

Pump Fed System - so anyone with a pump within their pond using the traditional garden pond system can now install one of these 'Easy to Fit' compact sieve and have their water gleaming as probably, never before ...

Maintenance is very easy ...  simply turn off the pump - lift out the sieve itself and wash off using a hose pipe or pressure washer if available ... replace the sieve and switch on ..


The installation is simple: a submersible pump is connected directly to the stepped hose tail on the end of the Compact Sieve and will take 1" - 1.25" and 1.5" hose sizes ..
The 90 degree bend on the inside of the hose tail connection should be pointing downwards if you are using either the 1.25" or the 1.5" hose .. (don't forget to cut off the hose tail to that size of hose you are using ..

Please Note:
The Compact Sieve MUST be mounted above the pond water level ...otherwise it will not function correctly.

The Compact Sieve can be used for primary mechanical waste removal in many ways, below are a few examples:

Example ONE:  Above the Existing (or Proposed) Filter - serving the biological stage of the filtration.


The Above example shows how you can use the Compact Sieve in conjunction with your existing (or proposed) biological filter system - mounted higher than the water level in the multi-bay chamber (for example) so that the water passing through the Compact Sieve drops straight into the first biological chamber and then from there it flows by gravity back to the pond ..

Example TWO: As mechanical particle waste directly next to the pond or to a waterfall / stream return to the pond.....



Example THREE: In conjunction with a Trickle Tower ..

 By utilising the Compact Sieve as the top section of a trickle tower system - so that the water exiting the Compact Sieve can then just gravity drop to the lower chamber of the trickle tower you can be sure that the biological stages of the trickle tower system remain free from waste particles and other debris..

The Compact Sieve is ideally suited to this form of application and has been proved to be extremely effective as a pre-filter unit for any trickle tower filtration system and is highly recommended if you have, or are considering, a trickle tower system..

Compact Sieve (Pump Fed)