Pond / Water Treatment

There are many such Pond and Water Treatment and additive solutions on the market ... some are good and some perhaps not so good ... 
We have however tried to select a range of products across the board which we feel will do what we hope that both you, and your Koi will find to be satisfactory ...
We shall start off with 'Water Purification' - which is really common sense, in view of the contaminants that we know are already in the water we either draw from our taps, or from any other source ... 

Really a water purifier should be one of the very first items that we purchase once we have built the pond and of course before we buy a single fish of any sort ... but how many of us do actually do this .. no we learn by our mistakes .. sometimes, however, these mistakes that we keep on making can cost us a lot of money as well as the life of the fish and other pond life.
So if you are now in a position where you have just completed your pond then I really do urge you to give much thought to obtaining a good water purification system ... and of course there are many good systems on the market .. we have however chosen one that we feel is the best available for anything like the money that some of these systems can cost us.
We choose our own World Exclusive 'Aquastar' which not only purifies the water you put into the pond - but with the addition of Column One, has the ability to remove every trace of Blanket Weed (the scourge of all pond keepers) see further details of this Unique Product on our web site ..
You will find links to Water Purification has its own specific directory on the web site ...
Moving on from water purification there are a great many other water treatments, whether we are wishing to treat the tap water and simply remove the 'chlorine' that our water authorities keep putting in and telling us that it is good for us .. but of course is not good for our pond life .. or if we are looking for another product to try to treat the water because we have a problem with our pond life ... In this section of our web site you will find many such products .. all of which we can recommend to our customers ...
We also touch on the subject of 'Pond Cleaning' and you will find many such aids as Pond Vacuums etc, to help your task and again we can recommend these products to you ..

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