Montmorillonite clay

Montmorillonite clays

Research proven! - It Works ...
It re-mineralises water, improves water clarity, Koi colour & lustre, aids health, stimulates appetite.
A Koi pond needs to has many elements, nothing is more important than the water itself. Water is known as the universal solvent. Bacteria, oxygen, minerals all have a major part to play in the health and physiology of aquatic pond dwellers such as beautiful Koi or even fish breed purely for the dinner table.

Water quality is vital for survival for all fish low pollutants of course are a basic requirement. Public water supplies being a very sterile source of water for human consumption, lack the spectrum of minerals that fish can absorb in a natural lake environment.

Regular mineral replenishment in an enclosed pond system can improve the health, colour & growth. Just look to the Japanese mud ponds where superb Koi are bred. This is near a natural environment for Koi. Mud ponds are the ideal, now we can mimic this environment to a significant degree by adding mineral elements found in nature. Montmorillonite clay can contain up to 64 minerals & trace elements. Clay is not a miracle or a panacea, Purity composition & structure is the critical element with clay to achieve results and most clay can purport to be a "type" of Montmorillonite. 99.9% of most clays in the world are unsuitable to use in a Koi pond environment.
Some are incapable of ion exchange some are so absorbent it is used in products like cat litter, plugging oil wells etc. Others are so inert that the white powder is will make laminates whiter, talcum powder, lipstick etc. clay has many industrial applications. Composition is important, Phosphate (present in most clays) can fuel blanket weed growth, too much Calcium can swing pH for example. Selection of a clay to perform any function is a science in itself. In a pond for example, a very high crystalline Montmorillonite structure is required to release minerals through ion exchange into the pond water.
We at The East Riding Koi Co recommend that, that if you care about your Koi and your water quality, that you do use a good quality Montmorillonite Clay - we can recommend any of the Clays we offer to our valued customers.. please select from the links below.