The Magic White Clay

Refresh® is a natural clay mineral, found in limited areas in Yasawagi district, in Akita prefecture, Japan. Local villagers who live in this district used this clay personally as a herbal medicine to heal wounds, fight off diarrhoea, toothache and etc. The clay became known as marvellous soil or magic white soil. The efficacy of this white soil is really quite remarkable. Refresh® is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature, coming directly from the soil and virtually impossible to reproduce artificially.

It has been proven over the ages, that by dissolving Refresh® into the water, the same high quality of life can be reproduced, remaining consistent for a very long time for the benefit of many creatures which inhabit the waters.

Exactly, what is Refresh®?
Refresh® is a mineral composed of Montmorillonite in it's core and sixteen other necessary minerals such as silicic acid, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron etc surrounding the core. Collectively, these effective minerals keep the water clean and further help to supply good nutrition, dissolving slowly into the water through an ion exchange system and in the same process lowering the levels of less welcome compounds also dissolving into the water, such as decaying organic materials thus minimising the spread of bacterial diseases.

Refresh® is pure natural Montmorillonite and this white clay belongs to a useful group of minerals. If it is mixed with other natural or artificial products certain qualities of the mineral are lost as the balance has now been disturbed. When Koi are bred or raised in waters containing this natural product, the clarity of colours and quality of skin is unsurpassed. When Koi are deprived of this source in lakes lacking in Montmorillonite or man made concrete ponds, colours quickly deteriorate.

Some studies of lakes containing natural clay bottoms clearly reveal that colour and skin quality is more stabilised and defined in such circumstances. This clearly adds weight to the fact that the best ponds usually arise from those with clay bottoms. However, when that clay is of the Montmorillonite source then the visible results from the fish are outstanding. Other clay and stone minerals cannot reproduce the same qualities to that of Refresh® natural clay . . . no matter what you are told.

The Refresh Options®
Refresh® actually improves water quality and restricts the increase of decaying organic material raising levels of bacterial diseases, thus maintaining our Koi in a much more healthy environment.

So there are valuable options open to us when we keep Koi in concrete or liner ponds. By regular use of Refresh® clay powder in these ponds, we can simulate the same qualities of water found in natural lakes. Essential growth and health is maintained with the presence of natural minerals always being plentiful. The fear of overdosing Refresh® in a Koi pond is impossible and regular doses on a weekly basis is highly recommended to achieve maximum efficiency.

Refresh Powder should be mixed at the required rates in the following manner. Take the quantity of Refresh and mix the powder with pond water until all the ingredients are mixed into a smooth emulsion type of consistency. Be sure that all is completely dissolved into liquid and then add to either or both the pond and filter system. The water will turn cloudy initially but will quickly clear by the next day.

Initial dosage = 250 grams per 880 (4 tons) gallons of water.
Or Initial dosage 62.5 grams per 220 gallons of water
e.g. 1250 grams = 4400 gallons 5.5lbs = 9300 gallons.

Note: Top up facilities can be assessed when for example 1760 gallons of water is discharged, then 500 grams of Refresh should be added.

Refresh Powder 1.75 kg

Refresh Powder

1.75 kg

Refresh Powder 5 kg

Refresh Powder

5 kg