Elecro Cygnet Heater

Cygnet Aquatic Heater from Elecro

Analogue Control Thermostat
Stainless Steel Flow Tube with Titanium Element
Complete With Power Lead
Available in 1-kW to 4-kW
Compact and easy to use

Specifically designed to ensure maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, the Cygnet Aquatic heater is user-friendly and offers ‘plug & play’ installation for the 1 to 3-kW models. The 4-kW model is supplied with a power cord but must be installed by a qualified electrician; it cannot be connected to a 3-pin plug. The thermostat dial gives you control over the desired pond temperature, while the thermal safety cut-out protects against over-heating.

Designed and manufactured in England to the highest specification, the Cygnet features unique and proven coiled heating element technology, whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing build up of mineral deposits on the heating element, which are specifically designed for pond/aquatic applications.

Construction consists of a flow tube which is fitted with Inlet and Outlet mouldings manufactured from specially formulated polymer alloy material. The outlet moulding accommodates a flow switch with a gold tipped reed, and Titanium fulcrum pin, whilst the inlet moulding has been designed to ensure full immersion of the element, greatly reducing the risk of air locking.

The heater can be vertically wall-mounted or stand on the floor with the control components on the top facing case. Screw fit adapters are supplied to allow connection to standard 1 ½ “ or 1 ¼ “ flexible pipe work.

The desired pond temperature can be easily set on the Elecro Cygnet heater using the panel-mounted thermostat dial. Safety and equipment protection is provided by the highly reliable flow switch and over-heating protection is provided by the thermal cut out with manual reset.

Minimum Flow Requirement 1m³ (1,000-litres) per hour Maximum Flow Velocity 17m³ (17,000-litres) per hour Heating Element Titanium Flow Tube BS 316L Stainless Steel Control Thermostat 0ºC to 40ºC (1.0ºC Differential)

Safety Thermal cut-out 55ºC (Manual reset)
Flow Switch Gold tipped reed switch with Titanium fulcrum pin Wiring High temperature, silicone sheathed, multi-strand copper conductors

Seals High temperature special formula polymer

Working Pressure 4 Bar maximum

Water Connections 1½" BSP female thread

Supplied Fittings Unions for 1½" / 50-mm rigid pipe and Hose tails for 1¼" / 1½" flexible pipe

Elecro Cygnet