How to change an existing side mount sand filter to OC-1

1. Turn off any heating and/or chemical dosing systems.

2. Turn off the circulation pump and isolate the filter & pump.

3. Unless already installed, install (as per the manufacturer’s instructions) the variable speed controller or replace the single speed pump with a variable speed pump.

4. Move the multiport valve to the CLOSED position.

5. Open the lid of the filter.

6. Open the lower drain port on the filter to remove the water from the tank, this will make it easier to remove the existing media.

7. Once the filter is drained remove the top diffuser and scoop out all the existing media.

8. IMPORTANT: Once all the media is removed wash out the vessel using a hose and brush (this is very important in order to avoid a cloud of very fine debris returning to the pool upon recommissioning of the filter).

9. Close the drain port.

10. Fit the new special top diffuser unit to the top pipe assembly (in place of the original diffuser).

11. Fill the filter with OC-1 media to roughly the same level as the old media.

12. Refit the lid.

13. Open/close the valves needed to return the system to operation mode.

14. Move the multiport valve to the RINSE position. This is critical to ensure all sand residue is removed pior to operating with OC-1 Media

15. Turn on the pump and rinse to waste for 2 minutes until clear

16. Turn off the pump and move the multiport valve to the FILTER position.

17. Turn on the pump and set the pump speed to provide a filtration rate of 25m³/m²/hr (see figure 1, filtration rate chart for assistance).

18. If using a variable speed pump please ensure that the start-up speed does not exceed the speed set in point 19.

19. You may notice that some of the media is floating. This is completely normal and it may take between 24 & 48 hours for all the media to sink.

20. Vent the filter to release any trapped air. Continue to vent periodically during the first 24 to 48 hours.

21. OC-1 media should be backwashed no more than every 4 weeks. Following installation, please do not backwash your OC-1 media before 4 weeks as it requires this time to settle.

22. Your OC-1 media is now working.

PLEASE NOTE: OC-1 Media is designed to operate at a constant filtration rate of 25m³/m²/hr. Therefore, either a variable speed pump or variable speed controller for a standard pump must be used. Failure to operate at this speed may result in a slight loss of clarity.