Do Koi Have Teeth ?

Do Koi Have Teeth ?

Answer 'YES'

The photograph was taken on the 7th August 2004 .. and shows 10 teeth that have been shed by the Koi in our main pond .. these vary in size as you can see and the largest ones are probably from Koi over 28" in length.

We have set these along side a 20pence piece to give you an idea of their actual size ... So when you are Vacuuming the pond if you look and 'feel' very carefully, then you may just find one or two of them - you will be quite amazed ...

From information we have been able to gather, we understand that a Koi will shed up to 36 sets of teeth during their lifespan ..  it would seem Mother Nature got something right where teeth are concerned ..  wouldn't it be super if she had allowed the Human species on this planet Earth, to also have 36 sets of teeth .. !! I may just have then been able to chew on a Nut !!