Koi Pond Filtration - for the beginner

A great many ponds were initially built as a Garden Feature with perhaps just a few Goldfish to make the pond more attractive and interesting ...  and many people then try to convert those ponds, which were not designed to accommodate Koi and their needs, into a Koi Pond .. and basically this is where the problems start to arise ..

As we mentioned on our introduction to the Beginners Corner we cannot stress enough how important it is that the filtration system is large enough and is capable of being able to cope with the pond in mind ...  so with this in mind we will try to cover this in more detail ...

The Filter System

OK having stressed the importance of a good, reliable and efficient filter ... Lets take a look at how they work and how they should be installed ;

The fitting of a suitable Filter and other equipment must be considered when you are designing your pond system, and you must decide on this important item before commencing to the pond construction itself

There are just two basic systems for any Pond -

The first is a Pump Fed system where the pump that will be circulating the water through the filtration system, is placed normally in the bottom of the pond.

The second one is a 'Gravity Fed System' which is just a little more complicated, but basically it works by transferring the water and the debris from the bottom of the pond down a central pipe which runs from the bottom of the pond and connects directly on to the filtration system ..  and the water level in the filter is then at the same level as it is in the pond ...   this is without doubt the better of the two systems and we would always encourage anyone starting to build a pond to use this method ....

Far to many would be Koi keepers fail to appreciate just how important the Filter is  and how large the most suitable filter for the pond will be - and carry on by quickly deciding on what size of pond they want, but forget about the area that they are going to require for the filtration system ...  in many cases they do not have enough space left to actually have a suitable filter system that is big enough to support the pond that they have already designed - and more than likely already started work on ... So please do not fall into that trap .. it is a very hard one to get out of once you have done the work.

When you have decided what size pond you wish to have and allowed sufficient area for the filtration system then you must also decide which type of pipe you are going to use, then another decision is if you are going to use bottom drains, are they going directly to the main drainage or to the settlement chamber of the filter system. 

(see our feature  about Bottom Drains and there purpose) The various sketches contained within our web pages will help explain this to you.