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The Construction of a Koi Pond in the Cayman Islands -
Jan - Aug 2002

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Finally the day that we had all been waiting for!

Prior to the pond being completely topped up we added a new product called 'Ultimate' which is a product made in the USA and is a water conditioner and neutraliser to the pond water which also has the capabilities to remove and detoxify Chlorine - Remove and destroy Ammonia - Destroy Chloramines - Detoxify Copper and Heavy Metals - Boosts Alkalinity - and which Adds Essential Electolytes and a 3 part Skin Slim Replacer and reduces Stress and then if all that was not enough 'Ages Water Instantly' and in the first photo's below I am seen pouring this 'Ultimate' into the pond ....



 THEN and Having taken 32 hours to fill the pond the next job was to test the system to see how many leaks we had and how many pipe joints we had missed .... which of course is extremely easy to do as I feel sure most of those reading this can testify .... no matter how careful we try to be ...  Well I am pleased to report that there was in fact only one joint on one section on the whole of the 1.5" pipework that we had missed ...  one or two slight drips which were soon fixed and so the moment had come to throw the switch ... this was really going to test the system ....         



 The First Trickle

 At Full Flow


The Final Result - a Pond to be Proud Of                    



And this is how we both celebrated 

We hope that you have enjoyed looking through these photographs and if you should have any questions or points that you need any clarification on then please do not hesitate to Us ... Written by the founder of The East Riding Koi Co. Ltd - Mr Trevor Pearson

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