The drawings shown below were basically as the system was installed with modifications to the direction of the filtration system and the associated pipework and other equipment...

The view below is of the same layout in 3D:

 The view below shows the side elevation and emphasises the water levels and the pipe arrangements - although this drawing was for an earlier suggestion:

 Here below is the elevation view of the filtration system in 2D only now showing the waste sump which was incorporated into this pond:


 The 3D view below shows the filtration system etc


 As we have said the overall shape of the pond changed and the idea of having planted areas was dropped and the drawing below shows the basic shape that was finally accepted and you will note that the filtration system has now been shown in the position it is now only in the reverse direction - although the pipework arrangement from the bottom drains was changed to a more acceptable arrangement - but there is no reason why the arrangement shown on this drawing would not work providing that the two sections of pipe from each of the bottom drains were of equal length to ensure equal pull from each bottom drain..

Also changed were the position of the main pump and the return lines - the same Reverse flow arrangement to enable the direction of the water to be reversed was retained but another inlet were added giving 3, and one of those was split again... providing four reverse flows in either direction ..

Many more drawings and instructions to our customer were produced at the time and these were placed onto our main web site and the URL for these was emailed to the customer as those were intended for his eyes only at the time.

We hope that these few drawings will satisfy those who asked for them and help others to understand the system more clearly.