Yamitsu Electric Box

Electrical Connectors:
Electrical connections, especially where water is concerned, is again of paramount importance and care must always be taken to ensure not only your own safety - but the safety of your Koi, and others, at the same time
The connectors that we show on our web site are as good as anything that is on the market and offer the maximum of safety to the limits that they are designed for..
   Don't Mess About with Electricity ... if you are unsure then for goodness sake - call in an Electrician - better safe than sorry.

1 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

1 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

3 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

3 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

4 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

4 Way Yamitsu Switch Box

Multi-Connection Box from Yamitsu

Multi-Connection Box from Yamitsu

Aqua-Safe Weatherproof Cable Connector

Weatherproof Cable Connector

Fuses from Yamitsu

Fuses from Yamitsu
(Pack of 10)