Penguin Pool

Pick Up a Penguin!
It is not very often that we are called in to fit out and refurbish a Penguin Pool .. but that is what happened to us in the early part of March of 2003 when we were consulted by The East Riding of Yorkshire Council to work on their existing penguin pool at Sewerby Park near Bridlington ..

Initially, we were consulted to advise on this refurbishment in October 2001 and since that time we had several meetings with officers of the council in this matter and provided details of the type of equipment we would recommend they use along with detailed drawings ......

Work commenced on the 11th March 2003 and was finally completed on the 18th April 2003 when the penguins, which had been housed temporarily with the ducks, began their journey to their new home .. quite an exciting time for them and for us .. We are as you may appreciate used to seeing the introduction of Koi into the Koi ponds that we have been involved with over the years .. but this was something totally different, although the basic concept is exactly the same for this penguin pool as it would be for a Koi pond ..

In this photo on the left, the Zoo Keeper at Sewerby Park, Bridlington, can be seen carrying one of the young penguins up to the new pool ... this is one that he hand reared and it is very tame and called 'Webster' ..

Others followed .. but also had to be carried up to there new home from the temporary housing over the reconstruction period, with the ducks .. but these penguins seemed to get on well with the ducks so no harm was done and in fact as soon as they were placed near their new pool .. they all disappeared into one of the little huts they have and there was such a commotion .. they sound very similar to the Jack-Ass variety of penguins and one would have thought that the noise was in fact a herd of Jack-Ass's .. but there was a reason... they had started to mate .... and poor old Webster was banned from the hut and was not even allowed to watch to see how to do it ..  but half an hour later they were all ready to cool off and made a splash in their new pool ..

This is Webster again being shown how to 'Fly Under Water' .. and can these little creatures move!! they can give our best Olympic Swimmers 100 metres start in a 125 metre pool and still beat them .. 


The pond is 45 feet long and 14 feet wide at the widest point .. there is a small waterfall at the bottom end - this was chosen for both sound and visual affect rather than just having a simple return at the very end of the pool..also as a good oxygen supply.

There are two bottom drains both fitted with the Spindrifter Air Diffuser - the bottom drains are of course our own ERK models and have the separate air line ducting connection, which makes it so easy to have and fit the Spindrifter Air Diffusers ... the air line, or in this case the 1/4" reinforced braided air hose, runs inside the ducting pipe which is 1" pressure pipe and this runs parallel to the 4" pressure pipe from the actual bottom drain .. there are no worries about how to bring the air line out of the central 4" pipe before the shut off slide valve, when using these bottom drains ... all that is required is to ensure that the 1" pressure ducting pipe is brought up above the water level of the pond ...

There are 4 returns on the pond all in 1.5" white ABS pipe, but the grey pressure pipe could have been used but we did not wish to see these standing out like a sore thumb under water ..

The Filtration System, which has to be the most up to date system on any penguin pool anywhere in the world at this moment in time .. comprises of two Nexus Systems complete with Answer 410's.

The 2 Nexus Units are housed in a well locally made wooden shed which has been clad to provide the same rustic affect that matches the surrounding buildings and landscape. All pipe work was grey 1.5" pressure pipe (with the exceptions of the 4 return inlets which as we have mentioned were fitted using white ABS x 45 degree bends and the 4" grey pressure pipe used for the runs from the bottom drain) ... 

Two TMC ProClear 55wt Ultra Violet Clarifier's were fitted to ensure that green water does not happen and to help to keep bacterial infections at minimum levels ..

The photo on the left shows just one of the Nexus units - with the other one being hidden away to the left ..  note the piping to waste from the very bottom of the Nexus ..

Also note that we chose to use the ITT Marlow AG series pumps for this installation .. these have the power required to deliver the water back to the pond over the distance required and to provide a good flow rate ..  two such pumps are in use - one fitted to each of the Nexus Systems...

Also note how the outlet to the pumps fit to the Nexus unit as this has been one of the most frequently asked question about 'How does the pump connect to the Nexus ... you can see that the reducer that is being used is clamped to the rubber connector (rubber boot) supplied as part of the full kit that comes with every Nexus System ... The inlet from the 4" bottom drains also connects in the same way again using one of these rubber boots...

The photo on the right gives you a clear view of the water level within the Nexus when the system is fully running .. of course when the pumps are switched off then the water level within these Nexus Systems, as with all other gravity fed systems, will rise to within 1/2" of the top rim of the filter ..

All electrical connections are direct wiring into a spur switch socket for safety and these are highly recommended for all connections to the mains electricity supply .. remember water and electricity do not mix .. and safety must be of paramount importance when you are fitting out your own filtration systems.. again remember that when you are at work or on holiday etc that it may be your friends or your family who may be called on to look after your pond system as well as the equipment that you may have installed and if you are not 100% sure of fitting any electrical appliance or equipment then for goodness sake call in a qualified electrician ..

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about this penguin pool and also gained some further knowledge that may help you with your own Koi pond a foot note we are happy to say that we still maintain the filtration for this pool today.


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