Kockney Koi / Yamitsu Range of Filtration Units and Systems:

We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of Filtration Systems from the Yamitsu Stable - Yamitsu is the brand name for probably one of the largest Manufacturing Wholesalers in the United Kingdom - Kockney Koi...

There is sure to be a filter for you in this vast range - from the very small ones for that special Garden Feature right up to a moderately sized pond ..

We start the range with the Smallest and working our way through to the large fellows;

Kockney Koi 2500 filter

Yamitsu Filter suitable for
ponds of 550 gallon Fed

Kockney Koi 4000 Filter

Yamitsu Filter suitable for
ponds of 850 gallons
complete with Media
and Lid

Pump Fed

Kockney Koi 5000V Filter

5000V with Vortex suitable
for ponds up to 1,000 gallons

Kockney Koi 8000 Filter

Suitable for ponds up to
1,250 gallons

Kockney Koi 10,000 Filter

suitable for ponds up to
2,000 gallons

Kockney Koi 12,000 filter

KF12000 for ponds up to
3,000 gallons

Kockney Koi 18,000 Filter

Yamitsu KF18000
Gravity Fed