JDP – Fujiyama this product is a staple food as it contains all of the vitamins that are vital to keeping healthy Koi. This food is suitable for everyday and can be used in conjunction with other JDP Koi food.

The good balance of this food is formulated with high quality fish meal, feed oils and grains, all carefully blended and balanced. This food accelerates appetite and keeps Koi in good shape.

With its high-level manufacturing technique, loaded with vitamin C this food will keep the white site on the Koi white and reduces stress.

Because these pellets keep shape for longer in the water this food does not deprave water quality.

Protein          30.0%
Fat                          5.0%
Fibre                        5.6%
Ash                          6.9%
Phosphate                 0.7%
Calcium                    0.4%

A                           10,000 IU/KG
D3                           1,000 IU/KG
E                               200 mg/KG
C (staple)                    150 mg/KG

Fujiyama Medium Pellet

Fujiyama Large Pellet