Elecro Evo 900 Titanium

Elecro Evo 900
Titanium Flow Tube Body &
Titanium Heating Element

Heating Your Pond....
With many years of experience producing aquatic heaters would you trust any one else?

Elecro Evo 900 Titanium...
The Elecro EVO 900 Titanium Aquatic Heater is made with Pure Titanium flow tube and elements to ensure its suitability for use on all aquatic systems, including salt water and tropical marine. The decision to produce a Titanium heater was made for a number of reasons. With outstanding resistance to fatigue and erosion, Titanium has a low density, excellent strength and has super corrosion resistance. It is considered to be physiologically inert. This means that these heaters are also suitable for heating acids and virtually any other liquid.
As with the stainless steel model all units come fully equipped with Digital control for the precise all season temperature control demanded by professional fish keepers, breeders and hobbyists alike. The highly sensitive flow switch, high limiting safety thermostat and integral contactor / relay are fitted as standard, an optional 24 Hour time clock is also available. The Titanium heaters are designed for safety and efficiency. They are as easy to install as the stainless steel model, with the option of water flow from either direction.
Key Features Of the Elecro Evo 900 Titanium...
• Pure Titanium flow tube making it ideal for any aquatic system.
• Pure Titanium elements.
• Digital Temperature Control & Display.
• External Reversible Flow Switch - Allows water input from either direction.
• New High limiting Safety Thermostat.
• Integral Contractor Relay.
• Circuit protection delay switching.
• Available with or without timer.

Elecro Evo 900 T/T Heater

Titanium Flow Tube Body &
Titanium Element

without Timer