Gray PVC (Imperial)

Gray PVC (Imperial)

PVC  Pipe Size Actual O.D.
1/2" 21.3 mm
3/4" 26.7 mm
1" 33.4 mm
1  1/2" 48.3 mm
2" 60.3 mm
3" 88.9 mm
4" 114.3 mm
5" 140 mm
6" 168.3 mm

PVC-U Pipe Systems:

Un-plasticised poly vinyl chloride (PVC-U) is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials for pipe installations. Being odourless and tasteless it is suitable for conveying potable (drinking) water and many food products. PVC-U has excellent chemical resistance. The good flow characteristics results from the smooth bore and has good resistance to abrasion. It's light in weight, easy to join together thus making PVC-U a good alternative to the more traditional materials. PVC-U is resistant to most solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and solvents that can be mixed with water.
Thin stabilized compound conforming to the EEC safety levels for vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and the WRc requirements for use with potable water.
PVC-U products can be recognized by it's dark grey colour and thickness of the wall.
Chemical Resistance:
The chemical resistance properties of PVC-U are excellent. It is resistant to most solutions of acids, alkalis and salts and to solvents that can be mixed with water. PVC-U is not resistant to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
PVC Pressure Pipe is the best for laying under ground – when in a pond/pool situation from a bottom drain being installed where there is considerable weight being applied, not only from the concrete base but also the weight of water in the pond/pool above.

1.5 Meter Pipe Length - Gray PVC

Gray PVC
1 1/2 Meter Pipe Lengths

we can offer 1.5M at a reduced cost
due to a lower handling charge

PVC Sockets

Sockets or

PVC 45 Degree Elbows

45 Degree Elbows

PVC 90 Degree Elbows

90 Degree Elbows

PVC Female Threaded / Plain 90 Degree Elbow

Female Threaded one end &
Plain at the other
90 Degree Elbow

PVC 90 Degree 'Swept Bend'

90 Degree 'Swept Bend'

PVC Equal 'T'

Equal 'T'

PVC 'Y' / 45 Degree 'T'

'Y' at 45 Degree angle 'T'

PVC Cross

PVC Cross

PVC Tank Connectors

Tank Connectors