Surface Skimmers

Before we show you our individual surface skimmers - lets just explain a little about the function of the surface skimmer and what it does ..
The Surface Skimmer is quite an important piece of equipment for any pond, but more essentially for the Koi Pond .. and it is more often forgotten about at the time of constructing the pond, than it's remembered ..
If you are going to build a new Koi pond then please don't forget to fit one of these surface skimmers, on larger ponds two or more may be needed .. and these are built into the walls of the pond at the time of construction ...
The purpose of the Surface Skimmer is to skim, or pull off floating debris and even dust from the surface of your pond ...  these cannot be gravity fed very successfully and we recommend that they are powered up using its own separate pump and utilising its own filtration system ..  to explain that a little more ...  When the surface skimmer is built into the wall the pipe carrying the waste and of course the surface water, is pulled using a suitable pump - for example one of the Oase Aquamax range of pumps are ideal and depending on the size of the pond of course depends on which model of the Aquamax is deployed - but normally this would be either the 5,000 or the 10,000 (both models are low wattage pumps) and from the outlet on the pump itself the water can be returned direct to the pond, or to a waterfall, or other pond feature. But its better practice to return the water via some sort of filter, and you can if you wish use one of those 'Orrible' box filters for this purpose (and you won't hear us advocating that sort a filter for any other purpose - as they are best left to do the job they were intended for in the first place - holding water in a loft, as a header tank)! But for this purpose they will do, as all we need to do is to filter out the very finest of particles that get past the skimmer and the pump before returning the water to the pond .. there is very little point in using a skimmer to skim off the floating debris and allowing the finer particles and dust to return to the pond again .. do the job once and do it right ..
Better than one of those simple box filters of course is a cartridge filter .. these are ideally suited for the purpose and are very easily cleaned ... but you will need to budget for this additional piece of equipment at the time ..
We are very often asked if returning the water from the surface skimmer can be filtered in the main filtration system .. in short yes of course it can .. .but it has its pitfalls ..  we will try to explain further ..  if the filtration system is gravity fed from a bottom drain and say for example the pond has a volume of 6,000 gallons - then approximately between 2,500 gallons and 3,000 gallons per hour is being pulled down that bottom drain .. this being the desired flow rate .. Now if we start adding water in from another source, other than the bottom drain, what happens is that we then cut back on the amount of water that is actually being pulled through the bottom drain .. water and of course waste matter etc .. as the filter is obtaining the water that the return pump requires from the surface skimmer, resulting in a slow down of the water and waste products which would have been pulled into the filtration system via the bottom drain ..  so really its not a very good idea, or good practice as the pond will soon become cloudy, murky looking and you may end up with a build-up of waste and debris in the pipe from the bottom drain ..  So the long-term answer in our opinion is don't do it .. use the surface skimmer as an entirely separate system and then you need only use this when you need to - it does not have to be switched on all the time ..

ERK Skimmer Box

ERK Skimmer Box
Surface Skimmer – designed by East Riding Koi

Standard Black Skimmer

Standard Black Skimmer

Oase Skimmer - Aquaskim 40

These skimmers have been designed to sit on either the floor of the pond or placed on a Rock or shelf so that the top rim, which is a floating rim, is just below the water level ..

Oase SwimSkim 25 - Floating In Pond Skimmer

Oase  SwimSkim 25
(formally AquaSkim 25)

Floating In Pond Skimmer

SwimSkim CWS

  • Floating skimmer for pond surfaces to 50 m2
  • Ready for immediate implementation thanks to integrated pump
    Aerator function for supplying the entire pond with oxygen
  • Stirs up containments from the pond floor to be dealt with by the filter
  • Easy cleaning; just remove the filter basket