Wizard Fibre

Wizard Fibre

Now here is a product that you simply can't afford to do without , if you are using concrete blocks and render to build your new pond...you will find its invaluable and will provide you with a super smooth finish.
This Easy to Use Cement Additive is added to your render this makes your pond wall surface smoother, stronger and crack-resistant...
A modern variation on an old theme .. but it is so greatly improved fibre mix that it is now so simple to ensure that your cement render does not crack and that your concrete is the strongest available.... and will not crack, craze or flake ....

What Is Wizard Fibre?

Wizard Fibre is a high strength, high quality resin fibre cement additive that dramatically reduces shrinkage and cracking...

Why use Wizard Fibre ?

  • Allows a much stronger mix, leading to a smoother crack resistant finish that is safer for the fish
  • Saves Money
  • Increased workability, making it easy to apply
  • Far stronger, more durable and easier to use than polypropylene alternatives
  • Dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks developing
  • High zirconia content offers superb alkali resistance

Why a Concrete Pond?

  • Concrete will be smooth, liners will have wrinkles which are unsightly and these can also be disease traps
  • Far less vulnerable from damage from tree roots
  • Will not puncture as liners can
  • Low cost
  • Resists damage by animals
  • Long life expectancy

Once dry check that the surfaces are smooth – you may need to singe off any wayward fibres that are protruding from the render. The smooth finished surface will give an excellent base for applying ERK P1 Pond Coating to finish the job beautifully!
Wizard Fibre is supplied in 1 kg boxes with full instructions for its use printed clearly on it ... so they won't get lost or misplaced ...  1 kg of Wizard Fibre can cover between 8 - 18 sqm at 5mm thick

Wizard Fibre 1kg box

Wizard Fibre 1kg box

Covers between 8 - 18 sqm at 5mm thick ..