Dual Purpose Pumps

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Dual Purpose Pumps

The Dual Purpose Pump, as its name implies, can be used as both a Submersible Pump and also as a Dry Surface Pump.
There are a few pumps that fall into this category and we list them in our range and many you may have looked at under the category of the Submersible Pumps  but failed to realise that these can be converted easily to work as a Dry Surface pump, which is very often an advantage in many respects …

You may wish to run your pump  mounted out of the water but in a situation where the pump is likely to get wet, Duel Purpose pumps are ideal for this..for example many of the Aquamax Range.

In the case of the Aquamax its very easy to remove the outer strainer/filter cage by taking out just a single self tapping screw that holds the top section of the case to the bottom section, then just prise off the top from the retaining clips and you then can remove the pump completely from the case making it into a Dry Surface pump. Once this is done you will see that the inlet/outlet is already threaded for easy connection to your pipe work.
Under no circumstances should you ever tamper with the cable connection to the submersible pumps or for that matter any pump as these are normally factory sealed and guaranteed to be water proof - always make sure if you are intending to cut the  cable that is supplied with every pump when it leaves the factory, that you do leave plenty of cable as jointing cable is not a recommended practice, so please do try to avoid doing this at all costs.