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Here at ERK we appreciate the vital roll that Oxygen plays in the life of your pond, right from the bottom up, whether its the good minuscule bacteria that you can't see to the beautiful many varieties of fish that give pleasure to the eye, without a good air supply all these would be nothing...
I think we have all heard the old adage of 'Buy Cheap – Buy Twice' if an air pump seems to be a too good to be true bargain because of the low 'budget' price then it usually is!
There is no point in buying a pump that has a sealed casing that you can't access for any sort of maintenance or there are no spares available – your air pump will be running 24/7 if not throughout the year then certainly through the warmer months. This is a lot of work...air pumps after all are the heart of your pond and need looking after much the same as our own hearts that beat continually....

The Evolution Aqua Air Pumps range was purposely developed for fish keepers and aquarists to deliver that essential element to their ponds. They are a high performance diaphragm pump that has been tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth, economical to run and totally reliable..

EA Air Pump Statistics at a glance:

Highest air delivery output (see graphs below)
Low power consumption
2 year warranty period
Total reliability and long life expectancy
Minimal maintenance

These pumps compliment other products in the EA range and for customers who are proposing to use 1/4” air hose to supply possibly a Nexus Filter unit and or an air diffuser fitted to the bottom drain then here at ERK we have specially designed Heavy Duty Manifolds with either one valved outlet or a two way valved outlet...we do of course also have multiple heavy duty valves too and a good selection of all other Air Manifolds...

Evolution Aqua 70 Air Pump Kit

34 Watts

Evolution Aqua Air Pump 75L

44 Watts

Evolution Aqua Air Pump 95L

62 Watts

Evolution Aqua Air Pump 130L

88 Watts

Evolution Aqua Air Pump 150L

106 Watts