Perfect Pump

Perfect Pump


  • Silent running, low wattage
  • Thermal overload protection
  • High quality ceramic bearings and shaft
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Perfect pumps are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards.

Representing excellent value for money the pumps are robust and extremely reliable.
Specially designed for use in ponds and filters, the pumps can also be used for dry installation on gravity fed systems and swimming ponds.

A pump's performance is measured in how many gallons per hour (gph) it can pump, coupled with the maximum height above the surface in feet (head) to which it has to push the water. That's why it is important to consider what the pump will be powering - i.e fountain, waterfall, filtration or a combination of either these possibilities.

To effectively filter a well stocked pond, you need a pump that will circulate it's full capacity every two hours. A pond holding 2400 gallons, therefore, would need a 1200 gph pump.

But if, for example, you also want a waterfall with a drop of 6ft to the pond surface, the flow rate required would be 1200 gph at 6ft head. In short, you will need a more powerful pump.

The other thing to bear in mind with a waterfall is the depth or "thickness" of the water you would like to have running down it.

Perfect Pump
•    Pump motor designed for continuous operation.
•    Ceramic bearings and shaft without seals give longevity.
•    High hydraulic efficiency means the pumps give optimal outputs.
•    Capable of large delivery volumes with low power consumption.
•    Asynchronous motor gives quiet smooth running.
•    Pump can be used with variable speed controllers for step-less flow regulation (accessory)
•    1 1/2" BSP threaded inlets and outlets for easy dry mounting.
•    Built-in thermal overload protection with auto-restart gives safety if motor overheats.
•    All internal electrical connections are sealed in resin for safety.
•    Impellor housing can be dismantled for cleaning if required.
•    High quality functional pump cage with large surface
•      area.
•    Specially designed impellor allows the pumps to handle solids up to 8mm diameter.
•    Supplied with hose-fittings, 10m cable and impellor housing key.



Perfect Pump 5000

Perfect Pump
5000 - 49W

Submersible Pump

Perfect Pump 7000

Perfect Pump
7000 - 78W

Submersible Pump

Perfect Pump 10000

Perfect Pump
10000 - 105W

Submersible Pump

Perfect Pump 13000

Perfect Pump
13000 - 158W

Submersible Pump

Perfect Pump 16000

Perfect Pump
16000 - 200W

Submersible Pump

Perfect Dry Pump 5000

Perfect Pump
Dry Surface Pump
5000 - 47W

Perfect Dry Pump 9000

Perfect Pump
Dry Surface Pump
9000 - 100W

Perfect Dry Pump 15000

Perfect Pump
Dry Surface Pump

15000 - 190W