ITT Marlow

ITT Industries HydroAir (Marlow) AG Series Pumps & AV Series Pumps


AG & AV Series Pump


TT HydroAir (previously ITT Marlow) is probably one of the oldest established and respected names in the Pump Industry in the UK and the rest of the World


ITT Marlow, ITT HydroAir as they are now known have been renowned the world over for producing some of the finest and most efficient pumps for many applications now for a great many years.

ITT HydroAir (Marlow) is a name you can trust without fear - We have ourselves have been using ITT  pumps now for many, many years and those pumps are still working 24 hours a day 365 days a year...


The Argonaut Pumps are specifically designed for above ground use (Dry Surface) and is what is known as a Centrifugal Pump or sometimes a Pressure Pump.


How Does a Centrifugal Pump Work?


As the motor driven impeller rotates, mechanical work is transferred to the water which is moved by the centrifugal force generated. The energy transferred is in the form of higher speed and higher pressure. As the water enters the impeller it is centrifuged out along the blades and then forced out into the pump housing. The job of the motor is now done as the water has the necessary energy.

The energy is transferred in two forms:-


A static rise in pressure caused by centrifugal force.

A dynamic rise in pressure caused by increased speed.


As we don't want a greater volume of water to leave the pump than is entering it, we want to convert the excess dynamic pressure into static pressure by reducing its speed (no energy is lost – it can only be converted to other forms). This can be achieved by the use of a spiral diffuser (a funnel like tube) and de-centrally located impeller. This provides more and more room for the water flow to move away from the impeller. As the flow is constant through the pump it results in a reduction of speed and therefore an increase in static pressure and thus a head of fluid can be generated.