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The Original Hi Blow Air Pumps - which have always been known as 'The Pump' are still one of the best air pumps on the market and here at ERK we have been an officially appointed stockist for many years.
We are also happy to be able to offer replacement spares for these pumps, this enables you the customer to maintain and service these excellent pumps to give you many years of reliable life.
The Hi Blow Air Pump is essential to provide air and also in the quantities that your Koi need, so in order to do this you really have to have an efficient air pump .... there are not many on the market that have enough output air pressure in sufficient quantities to power, say 6 x 2" air stones or diffusers.

The Hi Blow air pumps we list here will accomplish all these tasks - whether your pond is just 1,000 gallons or 100,000 gallons !
Obviously the size of your pond determines the size of the Hi Blow air pump that you require but bear in mind that your filtration system will be improved immensely by introducing air into the biological side of the system, every living thing needs air to live and the bacteria that we breed in the biological filter system is no different, healthy bacteria....healthy pond!
So always make allowances for doing this when you are considering buying a Hi-Blow, or any other make of air pump to improve your system... and of course the healthier your system .. the healthier are the Koi you keep.

The importance of introducing air into your system by way of an efficient air pump is something that we just can't stress highly enough, so choice of the appropriate Hi Blow air pump for your needs will guarantee you to be able to deliver the volume of air that both you and your system requires.

Hi Blow 40

Hi Blow Air 40L per minute

Hi Blow 80

Hi Blow Air 80L per minute

Hi Blow 100

Hi Blow Air 100L per minute

Hi Blow 200

Hi Blow Air 200L per minute