P1 - Pond Paint

Our most frequently asked question is: ‘What would YOU recommend
Here at ERK we work on the theory of trying out as many of the products we sell as possible, and the ‘P’ range of products "Psealit" are by far our number one favourites!
This Pond Paint Coating is much, much more. The finish that you will get with this product is the next best thing to Fibre Glass and at a much less cost!!!
This is a product that we can confidently recommend to our customers and we have been selling this now, and receiving excellent reports on the product, for many years..

The Advantages of using P1 Pond Paint Coating:

P1 Pond Paint comes as a 'Two Pack' mix so before you do anything else please read the instruction sheet that comes with the product carefully, the instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow – or view the instructions and technical data here if you prefer.
It is most important that the bottom pot is stirred thoroughly first this ensures (especially in the case of Green and Blue) that all the pigment is distributed through the colour, once this is done mix as instructed. Then you will get the amazing finish that we have described..
Because P1 Pond Paint is Water Based it means that it may be applied to a damp (not running wet) surface unlike other pond Paints and any spills etc, and it can happen, believe us, can simply be washed away. Also those expensive paint brushes and rollers can easily be washed out under the tap ... and not just thrown away…….

Possibly one of the biggest advantages for many pond keepers is Blanket Weed DOES NOT ADHERE VERY EASILY to a P1 surface! If there is any sign of blanket weed it can be easily removed with a soft brush..  P1 sometimes refereed to as "Pond Kote" in the trade

A word of warning:

We do not recommend that you split the packs, if you require 2ltrs to complete the pond (one coat on the first day and the second coat the following) then buy two separate 1 litre pots. Please do not by a 2.5ltr pot and try to split it in half – the consistency will be wrong and you will not get the superb finish we tell you that you can expect…
Working life of the pot when mixed – 1-2 hours at 18 C

One of the biggest reasons why our customers are choosing to use the P1 as opposed to other brands .. is the fact that you only need to apply just TWO coats to obtain a super smooth finish – we do recommend that you leave 24 hours between coats, as this allows the base coat to 'settle'. Please remember if the weather is wet you must make provision to cover over your freshly coated pond to prevent any water runs or pooling.
Because you only need to use two coats, this of course means that it is going to work out much cheaper for you to complete your pond ..  always worth consideration as these ponds can, and quite often do, cost an arm and a leg ...  we now have hundreds of satisfied customers who have been pleased to use this superb pond coating ...  buy with total confidence - you will be delighted with the final results...

P1 is available in three sized packs 1ltr, 2.5ltr & 5ltr

The Coverage:

Depending on the surface and the porosity of the substrate coverage for the first coat is approximately 5 to 8 square metres per litre
Coverage for the second coat will be between 8 and 10 square metres per litre.

P1 is without doubt or question the Pond Coating which many discerning Pond Constructors choose to use today more than any other product - to date all the feed back we have received has all been very positive and complimentary..

Although why stop at the pond?

This coating can be used for and we supply to many people and trades for the following applications – this list is not exhaustive……..

  • Food/Hygiene e.g.: Abattoirs, Dairies/Milking Parlours
  • Concrete Floors and Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Pond Surrounds
  • Plastic Surfaces, Glass
  • Water Tanks
  • Garden Ornaments

We have even revamped our own cast aluminium Patio Furniture, Terracotta Pots etc with P1!!

We have also been able to supply this superb P1 Sealant to many of our overseas customers,
Who have all had the same fabulous results…
Please take time to have a look at our fabulous 'Cayman Island Pond Project'


Please note that P1 is a registered brand trade mark and it is only sold under the brand name of P1 and it has no connection with any similar, and inferior products that are being advertised using a similar description.


(Mainland UK only)

P1 Superseal 




P1 Pond Paint - Clear

Pond Paint Sealant


P1 Pond Paint - Green

Pond Paint Sealant


P1 Pond Paint - Black

Pond Paint Sealant


P1 Pond Sealant - Blue

Pond Sealant


P1 Pond Sealant - White

Pond Sealant