P2 - SuperSeal

The Original P2 Super Seal

A 100% Non-Toxic Fish Friendly Super Seal....


Yes! this amazing Super Seal is completely 100% Non-Toxic fish and animal friendly, it’s even safe for the kids too - and that really is the truth! 
Totally aquatic safe for all pond life, P2 will not harm any pond dwellers including, Koi, Sturgeon, Goldfish or fry and any other water dwellers including all frogs, spawn, newts and toad species, plants etc.

Not only that it has superb covering power which brings out the beauty of your wood whatever colour you choose and is so very easy to apply. There is also no need to worry about placing a plastic sheet over the water under the area you are working on, any seal that does drip off your brush and into the water is completely harmless to the pond life.

For many years the P2 Black Wood Stain has always been used on Kockney Koi Filter Lids (Yamitsu).
We have every confidence in this remarkable product and we are pleased to state that we have hundreds of completely satisfied customers - and they all have absolute confidence that this product is totally 100% Non Toxic to all pets.

A Water Based Acrylic Emulsion for the protection of

  •          Pond Bridges / Decking / Pergolas
  •          Pond Filter Housing
  •          Garden Furniture
  •          Dog Kennels
  •          Small Animal Hutches / Runs
  •          Chicken Coops
  •          Floating Duck Housing
  •          Nesting Boxes
  •          Bee Hives
  •          Horse Stables / Rails
  •          Pig / Goat Pens
  •          Farm Gates
  •          Children's Play Items / Wendy Houses / Swings
  •          Garden Sheds / Gates

the list is endless!
Water Repellent
Hard Wearing
Easy to Apply
Brushes: water clean

As the name suggests Totally Non Toxic P2 SuperSeal does more than just wood:
Other uses for Clear P2 SuperSeal:
For instance to prevent lime and other minerals leaching from rocks in and around ponds and waterfalls
Paving around ponds / Concrete areas even to seal garage floors etc.


Our colour display chart is for general guidance only, when displayed on individual screens there is no guarantee that all screens will recreate them the same way and may alter the basic colours.

(Mainland UK only) 

P2 Super Seal - Clear



P2 Super Seal Pale Gold


Pale Gold

P2 Super Seal Amber Gold


Amber Gold

P2 Super Seal - Light Brown


Light Brown

P2 Super Seal - Walnut



P2 Super Seal - Dark Brown


Dark Brown

P2 Super Seal - Black



P2 Super Seal - Green



P2 Super Seal - Red



P2 Super Seal - Blue