P3 - WaterStop

Water Stop

P3 Water Stop is a blend of Cement, Polymers and Graded aggregates that makes a quick setting compound to seal active water ingress in masonry and concrete, it is a fast solution for sealing any cracks, joints, holes and crazing in any water retaining structure and is ideal for creating a flaunched coving (or fillet) between joining walls and bases in pond or pool construction. P3 is great to use before our P6 Pondalite and P8 Magic Render, or if the surface is good go directly to applying P1 Pond Paint.

P3 Water Stop expands during the hardening process to form a water tight seal with similar characteristics of concrete, this ensures an effective barrier against further water seepage, it does not create second pathways to allow for further water penetration.


All that is needed to use P3 Water Stop is clean tap water.

P3 Water Stop is designed to go onto a damp surface.

Cracks or holes should be shaved out, making sure the sides are cut as square as possible, avoid leaving a V (do not feather-edge). Wash out the hole or crack with water to flush out any loose material, dust etc. then forcibly press P3 Water Stop into the gap.

Immediately before filling the prepared surface it must be made damp with clean water. If mixing to a paste never mix more P3 than you can get in your hand at one time, this product dries ultra-fast!

To address surface crazing, dampen the surface and steadily rub dry P3 Water Stop over it unit crazing is no longer visible.

P3 Water Stop: will set in 60 seconds at 20C

Recommended mix approximately 4 parts P3 Water Stop to one-part clean water – mix quickly, this will make a stiff consistency. Do not over mix.



P3 Water Stop: Contains no Chlorides

Non-toxic to aquatic life once cured and covered with suitable membrane

Avoid contact with eyes – if this occurs flush with clean water

Inhiation of dust products may cause irritation

Wear suitable clothing and gloves during application

Available in 2 sizes - Coverage depends on the area. ½ kg and 1kg

P3-1                       P3 Water Stop  ½ kg

P3-2                       P3 Water Stop 1 kg

P3 WaterStop 1/2kg

(P3-1) P3 1/2kg
Water Stop

P3 Waterstop 1kg

(P3-2) P3 1kg
Water Stop