P5 - Putty

Pond Putty

The P5 Pond Putty is a highly versatile product which can be used by both the pond builder and enthusiast. P5 pond putty consists of two pastes which when mixed together form a putty which is then used to fill holes and cracks where water resistance is required - P5 is also good for those damp areas which won't dry up, Use a little P5 before coating with P1 pond coating to seal. This putty can be used under water but it may cause a small amount of clouding.
As a company we are happy and confident to recommend this product to our customers ...With many reports from happy end users...

Key Factors:

  • P5 will cure under water.
  • P5 is water resistant which makes it ideal for sealing pipe work where leaks would normally occur.
  • P5  is easy to mix and apply making what can be a hard job easier.
  • P5 will start to cure in 30 minutes and will fully cure in 24 hours - A little longer in the colder weather.
  • P5 can also be used as a bonding aid and will bond itself to anything providing there is a key.
  • P5 can be used to mend stone and other decorative features, also for those other jobs around the home and garden, one of its other useful properties is that it is heat resistant.

Available in 2 sizes - Coverage depends on the area...
500g and 1kg

P5 Putty 1/2kg

P5 1/2kg

Two Pack

P5 Putty 1kg

P5 1kg

Two Pack