P6 - Pondalite

Pondalite - Slurry

The P6 Pondalite quite often referred to as Slurry is a latex modified Cementitious material. P6 Pondalite is the ideal product to use when you need to form a water tight barrier that will also help strengthen a structure. P6 Pondalite can also be used to cover patches on render where there are signs of dampness and water leeching through after the application of P3 Water Stop. P6 Pondalite is an ideal product for creating a water proof barrier on the outside of your block work before back filling your construction as we have already mentioned in our Pond Construction section. It will create a water tight barrier which will help prevent water seeping through thus preventing the finished interior pond coating from lifting.

Key Factors:

  • P6 helps to provide strength to the pond walls after rendering.
  • P6 due the water tight barrier it provides can be used in many applications including rendered ponds, swimming pools, pond surrounds, concrete floors and water tanks.
  • P6 is an easy to apply product you will just need a good quality paint brush
  • P6 there is no waiting around. P6 Pondalite fully cures in 24 hours when the temperature is 15° C or above. (it will take longer in colder weather)
  • P6 can be applied as an extra strengthener before sealing the pond with P1 Pond Paint.

Available in one size - Coverage depends on the surface you are applying the P6 Pondalite to and the thickness of application. 5 kg

P6 Pondalite - Slurry 5kg

Pondalite - Slurry

5kg Kit