Cable Ties (Black)

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(Pack of 100)

Ever got half way through a job, usually at night or at the weekend to find that the one piece of useful everyday equipment you need is missing from the tool kit? CABLE TIES! They make the job in hand so much more neat and tidy. I think that we have all forgotten them at some time or other it and it’s so frustrating having to put the job on hold for another day….cable ties are inexpensive but oh so handy, so why not stock up on a couple of packs now while you think on……

CT-FIX-100    Cable Ties 150mm - 3.6mm (pack of 100)

CT-FIX-102    Cable Ties 203mm - 3.6mm (pack of 100)

CT-FIX-104    Cable Ties 190mm - 4.8mm (pack of 100)

CT-FIX-106    Cable Ties 280mm - 4.8mm (pack of 100)

CT-FIX-108    Cable Ties 203mm - 7.6mm (pack of 100)