ERK Skimmer Box

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ERK Skimmer Box
Surface Skimmer – designed by East Riding Koi

These Specially designed Skimmer Boxes, are of course where possible, intended to be built into the top of a Koi Pond wall at the time of construction .. they are exactly the same dimensions as the standard concrete block (18" x 9" x 9") so it is just a matter of leaving out one such concrete block to allow these skimmer boxes to fit firmly into place prior to cementing them in and the final cement render coat being applied ... and of course if you are intending to Fibre Glass your pond then the finished product will really look the part .. These Skimmer Boxes are available in  Black....


The Skimmer Box, which is fitted with a single 1.5" pressure pipe outlet in-cooperated underneath for easy connection to your pipe work - and we can if you wish supply a reducing bush to enable you to connect to solvent weld (black waste) pipe if this is what you have chosen to use.
But one of the best features, and it has many, is the adjustable front plate (see photo at the top of the page) this allows for that margin of error or a fluctuation in the actual water level as this plate can be raised or lowered to suit the water level at the time ...  No other Surface Skimmer has this innovative provision (unless they have copied ours of course)!

ERKSB-001     ERK Skimmer Box