Argonaut AV Series - Single Phase

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AV Series

Single Phase

Argonaut AV Series Single-Phase & 3-Phase Pumps

These self priming glass reinforced pumps are ideally suited to all aquaculture, waste water or any pumping applications where chemical resistance is required. The pumps are manufactured from polypropylene and AISI 316 stainless steel,  as such they can be used without fear of corrosion in sea-water or brine solution. Also because of the materials of construction, the pumps do not impart any metal ions into the water that could be toxic to fish. We believe that these are the best pumps of their type in terms of their efficiency and performance.

Some of the important features of the pumps are given below:
Corrosion resistant modern compact design
Polypropylene tank high chemical resistance
Single phase & three phase versions available to order
Self priming up to 3 metres, once primed the suction lift is up to 7 metres
Suitable for pumping heads up to 20 metres (depends on model)
Very efficient, high water flow for low power consumption
continuously rated
integral inlet filter/strainer basket
High pressure easy screw on filter cover
2” BSP external ports with easy to install unions – supplied with pump
Easy maintenance
Suitable for a wide range of applications including chlorine, bromine, iodine and sea water (if flushed through with fresh water on shut down)
The AV Series carries a full 1 year gaurentee
A very reliable 'work horse' pump that will give many years of trouble free service

Single Phase ITT HydroAir (Marlow) Single Speed Pumps
These pumps deliver a minimum of 5 cubm/hr of water against a 10m head, shut off head is 12.5m and self priming head is 2.9m. These are very reliable high performance units suitable for continuous operation in freshwater and marine systems. Materials in contact with the water are 316 stainless steel and composite plastic.


AV50ec 1 phase

AV75ec 1 phase

AV100ec 1 phase

AV150ec 1 phase

AV200ec 1 phase

AV250ec 1 phase

AV50ec           AV50ec 1-phase pump

AV75ec           AV75ec 1-phase pump

AV100ec        AV100ec 1-phase pump

AV150ec        AV150ec 1-phase pump

AV200ec        AV200ec 1-phase pump

AV250ec        AV250ec 1-phase pump