Gold Label - Underwater Sealant - 290ml

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ERK Gold Label
Underwater Sealant

Standard size 290ml fits into a skeleton gun

This product really does go beyond good it is remarkable! This Sealant will stick anything to anything and we do mean anything...stainless steel to stainless steel (no welding necessary).. steel to plastic.. plastic to wood.. wood to stone.. stone to plastic.. stone to steel... and what's more yes It can be used Underwater!
Imagine being able to to seal any leak without having to drain the pond – or even Olympic sized swimming pool...and the real bonus it is completely safe for fish or any other pond life....
It's uses in and around the pond are endless..bottom drains, liners, pipework, coping stones the list is literally endless..
It can even be used in the Construction Industry – please believe us when we say this product is 'top notch'!
Standard size 290ml fits into a cartridge (skeleton gun) for easy application..after use if the nozzle is cleaned and sealed the contents will keep for quite a while..

ERK-Sealer-002        ERK - Underwater Sealant (Clear) - 290mls

ERK-Sealer-001        ERK - Underwater Sealant (Black) - 290mls