Polyflex (Siroflex) Sealer Black – 310ml

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Polyflex (Siroflex)
Sealer Black

This is a general purpose sealer and adhesive with many uses and is applied with the use of a cartridge (skeleton) gun.. It  is a one component moisture curing product. A paintable high modulus polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates and is fast curing with permanent and durable elasticity. For both interior and exterior situations. It will waterproof joints in building and metal constructions. For gluing, sealing, mounting and anchoring in building applications. For use in metal and mechanical construction, ship building and container sealing joints, refrigeration plants, automotive, caravan, mobile home, aircraft and the railway industry. The surfaces must be dry before using Polyflex.

Please note this product is toxic to livestock until fully cured - of course once it has fully dried / cured it is totally safe to pond life

SEA-112        Polyflex Sealant (Black) Sealer and Adhesive