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and a little understanding

In this section we try to provide an element of help and guidance more than anything else, as this subject is probably the most in depth and hard to understand subject surrounding the art of keeping healthy Koi or other fish.           

We have our doubts that anyone, anywhere in the world, fully understands all the problems that can, and do, occur with all pond fish, let alone the Carp. There is so much to try to understand and never a day goes by when we don't learn something new about these fascinating creatures and during the past 40 years we have gained much experience ourselves which we try to pass on to our customers in an attempt to help them understand as well.

We do not profess to be total experts in this field and would never set ourselves up as such (there are many so called experts out there) and all we are trying to do is to find useful information that we feel may be of some assistance to our customers and loyal web site visitors - and if we can achieve that then this section will have been all the more worthwhile... but one question that often crops up is 'do Koi have teeth' .. the answer is YES of course they do to enable them to crush the food that they eat and which we feed to them in pellet form. These teeth are situated at the back of the throat where they cannot normally be seen but where they are most useful to the Koi. You may notice that when you feed your Koi they grab some food off the surface and then head down to mid-water where they can be seen to stay almost motionless, that’s where they are then crushing the food. A Koi will grow as many as 36 sets of teeth during its life - and as the Koi grows and just like a snake sheds its skin, the Koi shed their teeth and produce another set slightly larger.

Please study the various subjects listed together with the symptoms and possible treatments - you are more than welcome to keep coming back to this web site as hopefully your knowledge base grows ...

Some of the treatments work extremely well, but of course circumstances change along with the problem, the size of pond, the quality of the water etc, etc. There are no guarantees that these treatments will work in your case or for your Koi .... we naturally hope that they do.

Please note that many of the symptoms and treatments in this section are by kind permission of Koi Vet.


If your symptoms are identified from the following descriptions then please click with your mouse on that symptom and you will, hopefully, discover the remedy ...  please bear in mind that we offer these remedies as a guide only and that ERK Ltd (poolandpond) can accept any responsibility if these suggested treatments do not produce the results we would all wish in a perfect world...

Please look down the list of symptoms and see if one matches the problems you are encountering then simply click on that and we will present you with a solution to the problem as we see it: