Black Solvent Weld Pipe
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Pipework and Fittings: Black Solvent Weld

Black Solvent Weld Pipe (often referred to as Black Waste) is available direct from us in 1.5 meter and 3meter lengths, we also have a comprehensive range of fittings to suit this pipe.. it is capable of withstanding moderate pressure when using it for the return pipework from your pumps etc...but please bear in mind the type of application that you are wishing to do before deciding which pipework to use..
This pipework is all Solvent Weld fittings and is only supplied in metric sizes - but can be adapted to imperial sizes using fittings that we do have available for that purpose.
Available fittings are listed below but as a quick reference are available in 90 degree swept bends - 90 degree elbows - 45 degree elbows - straight connectors - reducers from 40mm up to 50mm - tank connectors both threaded back nut and flange types
On this page we list the pipe lengths available in each size first then  move on to the bends and other fittings in each size.